Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Raya BookMark - SEP 2010

Used nearly 4~5 hours to drew above then 30mins+ to finish below.... not so alike....haha!

purpose of drawing is to get Cake Raya..........but........lolz
enjoying drawing...will do it after I free out more time in future :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

11 September 2008 - Takuro San

A Birthday Present to Takuro san's birthday ^^

Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Blog for all My Masterpieces

Painting blog of mine.

Okay, did you know why i choose a blog name called Joo Goo Lee?

It's suggested by my friend, Hong. He gave me JuGuLi(朱古力) when i asked for a suitable nick for my new blog. I asked him why...he replied:"Chocolate, your favorite~".

Yes it is....hehe.
JuGuLi can say is meant for chocolate in chinese.
Normally ppl will say QiaoKeLi(巧克力) but we used to said as ZhuGuLi and JuGuLi sound alike of it. Ju is taken from my Christian nick JuJu.

Trying to get a blog name as JuGuLi but not available here, scratching my head and then think of putting my name Joo in it...so, purposely put same alphabet for each ending, TA DA~~~~ Joo Goo Lee is created and it sounds Funny too, I am kinda like it ^^ hehe ^^

"Jesus, Mother Mary and the 3 Angles"
My 1st Poster color Masterpiece ^^
13 DEC 1995
"Lake" “湖”
My 2nd Masterpiece which already gift to my Best Friend, Siew.

"Jimmy Lin" “ 林志颖”
My 3rd Masterpiece - got this original Singer's signatory in the year of 1997 at Penang SunShine Square. Below is the cassette cover I bought^^
" Holy Family " “圣家”
My 4th masterpieces~~ ^^V